Will Smith’s wife betrayal ignites the anger and irony of social media pioneers


Nuran Arafa

Posted on: Wednesday, July 15, 2020 – 12:56 AM | Last update: Wednesday, July 15, 2020 – 4:49 AM

Jade Pinkett, the wife of global star Will Smith, her betrayal of him sparked a wave of anger by social media users who sympathized with him, and also attracted the attention of millions around the world, after his wife’s confession, which she acknowledged while hosting his “Red Table Talk” program.

Although the couple ignored the issue of treason, many Smith lovers launched a sharp attack on his wife Jada, as some denounced her betrayal of Smith, who is considered the most attractive and handsome star, according to their description of him, and some sympathized with his sad view of his wife after she told him the details of her betrayal to him , While the case of Smith and his wife ridiculed others, and many spoofed images and tweets spread through social media.

Jada Smith had confirmed the statements of Rap Auguste Alsina, who in a television interview made clear that he had an emotional relationship with her with the consent and blessing of her husband Will Smith, when the latter was shocked by her relationship with Alsina, during the period of their separation, and justified it as “she was feeling pain, refraction and dissatisfaction in That period, “while Smith just smiled quietly; It caused great controversy on social media, and a sentence adapted from his movie “Bad Boys”: “We make the road together, and we die together, a bad marriage for life.”


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