Why did Princess Beatrice marry in secret? .. “Dario Mabeli” reveals the reason


Prince Andrew managed to walk the daughter’s hand Beatrice In the corridor, for her wedding at the first “secret” royal wedding in 235 years, and the wedding secret helped him not to confront him publicly, after the scandals of his relationship with billionaire “Jeffrey Epstein”, and the 31-year-old Princess Beatrice married her fiancée Eduardo Mabele Muse, 37, Known as Edo, at All Saints Church in Queen’s Mansion in Windsor at an intimate party with only 15 family and friends, according to the British Daily Mail.

35193-one of the church-men-at-Westminster-Cathedral-participates in the royal wedding
168247-Queen-Elizabeth-and her husband-Prince-Philip-are attending the royal-granddaughter's wedding

The bride wore the wedding dress she planned to show off in May, the guests, including the queen, stood socially away in the church and had an outdoor reception at Royal Lodge, and family friends insisted that the secret nature of the wedding was not due to Andrew’s problems On the Epstein scandal.

The sources said that the confidentiality was explained by the desire of Beatrice and Edo in a quiet and private ceremony, but Dario Mabeli Mozy, cousin of “Edward Mosley”, told the British Daily Mail newspaper: “We heard that it was postponed to next year but it was clear that this was to keep it a secret, Maybe they did it now to make sure that the Queen could be there, and perhaps the reason was the problems of Prince Andre, the father of Beatrice, so they wanted confidentiality not to criticize them. “

194280-Princess-and her groom

The couple had planned a much larger event in London last May, but they had to cancel due to the closure of the emerging Corona Virus pandemic..

The ceremony was attended by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and they were the only ones who were beside Beatrice and her immediate family including her mother, Sarah, the Duchess of York, and her younger sister, Princess Eugenie..


The details of Princess Beatrice’s wedding were confirmed by Buckingham Palace, and the Daily Mail revealed that only members of the “inner circle” of the family were told about the wedding and swore anonymity, and that the bride and her mother arranged the wedding in only two weeks after loosening government restrictions, so her grandparents could attend before Moving to Balmoral In the summer, Beatrice entered from her father’s house, Royal Lodge, where she stayed the night before the wedding, to the nearby church and had only one bridesmaid.


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