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Arrested Turkey The niece of a prominent Syrian Kurdish politician is also wanted by the authorities in Ankara, her family announced on Sunday.

Dalia Mahmoud Muslim is the niece of Saleh Muslim, who is close to the semi-autonomous Kurdish leadership in Syria.

Her father, Mahmoud Muslim, said that his daughter was “handed over to the Turkish authorities and her intelligence services” after she went to Kurdstan Iraq Six months before treatment.

He added in a post on Facebook that his daughter was preparing to return to Syria, “but we were surprised to hand her over to the Turkish authorities.”

He continued, “The authorities in the Kurdistan region bear responsibility for kidnapping them from the south or handing them over to the Turkish intelligence services. All that is being uttered under pressure is incorrect talk aimed at discrediting the family’s reputation. ”

2020-07-lwAaStUxoQyM2I29uNOt3jB95EqQBfvyQLMzazuj Muslim appealed to “international humanitarian organizations to intervene to break the families of our daughter (…) and to ensure her safe return to her family.

But the Turkish Anatolia Agency published a different version of the method of her arrest, as it quoted security sources as saying that Dalia Muslim “surrendered to Turkish security forces in Mersin (south) by persuasion.”

Saleh Muslim was briefly arrested in Prague in 2018 and demanded Turkey By handing him under an arrest warrant issued in Ankara two years ago in connection with an attack there that killed 29 people in February 2016.

However, Saleh Muslim denied any connection to this attack, and was later released.


The Kurds established their semi-autonomous administration in large areas of northeastern Syria, on the border with Turkey, with the outbreak of war in Syria.

Turkey hostilely views this administration, as the main Kurdish militia classifies Kurdish “People’s Protection Units” as a “terrorist” organization and considers it a branch of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

And locked Kurdistan workers’ party Insurrection three decades ago in Turkey.


Mahmoud Muslim said that his daughter, Dalia, “joined, like other sons and daughters of northern and eastern Syria, women’s protection units to defend her land and people against ISIS organization And his mercenaries for six years. ”

Saleh Muslim was the longtime co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, the political arm of the People’s Protection Units.


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