What is the appropriate bread for a diabetic?


When an individual develops diabetes, the doctor sets a set of medical and nutritional guidelines for controlling this disease. In many cases, the diet affects diabetes, and the process of carefully selecting and selecting meals begins with it. In many cases, some patients are forced to deprive themselves of many foods, especially those that raise blood sugar. Because bread is one of the nutritional categories that cannot be deleted, many conditions govern the patient when choosing bread types.

From here, dietitian Sarah Choucair explained how to choose the types of bread that a diabetic is allowed to eat and include in his diet.

Why should you avoid white bread?

White bread should be avoided because it is a bakery that makes or contains refined carbohydrates. Thus, white flour, free of fiber, causes changes in the blood sugar level.

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What are the alternatives to white bread?

The diabetic patient has many options for eating bread, and he can replace white bread with:

Whole grain breadSuch as brown bread, oat bread, bran bread, corn bread, barley bread

Bread that contains ingredients Flaxseed

The reason is that these types contain high amounts of dietary fiber that reduce the amount of sugar, fats, and insulin in the blood.

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Caution when eating bread substitutes

Bread should not be eaten too much because it contains large amounts of carbohydrates, which play an important role in high blood sugar. Therefore, it is sufficient to eat a maximum of 2-3 servings per day, distributed over meals during the day.

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