West Bromwich climbs to the English Premier League


MANCHESTER – West Bromwich Albion returned to the Premier League after a two-year absence to join Leeds United in the limelight next season after a 2-2 draw with its guest Queen Park Rangers on Wednesday.

The point taken by coach Slaven Belic’s team was enough to ensure West Bromwich finished second after his rival Brentford overcame his chance by losing 2-1 to his modest guest Barnsley.

Brentford’s victory would send him to the limelight for the first time since 1947.

Brentford will play the promotion supplement with Fulham and Cardiff City, but Nottingham Forest will miss the goal difference after Swansea City booked the last card in an exciting way.

Forrest was well on his way to the promotion, but he struck a severe 4-1 defeat at Stoke City, while Swansea City defeated hosts Reading 4-1 to beat Forrest by a single goal difference.

At the bottom of the second-tier ranking, Hull City and Charlton fell with Wigan Athletic.

Wigan was punished with a 12-point deduction from his score because he was placed under guard, although he could appeal the decision.

With Barnsley’s victory over Brentford, the Yorkshire club ensured their survival.

Leeds United won the second division title to return to the Premier League after an absence of 16 years.


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