“We started the fourth stage of Corona” … Hassan: Isolation of territories is an option Policy


The Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan, considered that “we are still in the same train, but the opening of the airport and the multiplicity of countries afflicted with” Corona “constituted a direct reason for the high number of casualties and joint responsibility, pointing to the lack of discipline of some of the arrivals and the frustration of receiving them without taking measures.”
Hassan explained in a radio interview that “the problem is not the number as much as it is the problem by crowding out the intensive care beds and the dangerous upward situation makes us take a set of measures to study in line with the reality that changes daily.”
He stressed that “there is no closure for the airport or for the country,” noting that “isolating the areas is an option.”

He continued: “We have started the fourth stage, the virus is spread in 3 main regions, and no one is” split “from anyone. The competition between the regions should be for those who besiege the epidemic more.”


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