We have been experiencing symptoms of Corona for months and need help


Canada News – Overcoming the Corona virus does not seem easy, as some cases that have been infected for months with the disease suffer from persistent symptoms, and officials are demanding more research and assistance.

Fifty Canadians sent an open letter on June 30th to Public Health Officer Dr. Teresa Tam and health officials, indicating that they had been experiencing symptoms of the Corona virus for months.
The letter calls for coordinated research on the effects and long-term diseases caused by COVID-19.
The letter also says: “We also call for increased public awareness of the possibility of continuing symptoms, with updated public health guidelines to ensure doctors, policy makers and employers know that some individuals experience symptoms of COVID-19 over long periods of time.”
While two weeks is the generally agreed time frame for symptoms, some people have experienced mild symptoms for a longer period.
These symptoms include fever, profuse sweating, persistent cough, shortness of breath, lung pain, extreme fatigue, insomnia or difficulty sleeping.

The letter also stated that many of the injured suffer from similar long symptoms and persistent health problems, and they need medical support and answer the reason for this.
The cases described in the letter are similar to a report published by CTV of a woman from Cambridge in Ontario, whose corona test results were positive for months with mild symptoms.


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