We all have become without dignity, and impartiality serves everyone


The Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rai opened 4 archaeological sites in the Qadisha Valley – Bushra, in the presence of the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, and his wife, MP Streda Geagea, and a group of deputies and forces.

In a speech to him, the shepherd said: “We lived today a special day and celebrated the memory of Saint Marina in the Qadisha Valley, which includes 17 tombs of the patriarchs. By opening these 4 sites, you have brought life back to our history and existence. “

و :ضاف: “I want A big greeting to the Cedar Foundation and to its deputy, Strida Geagea, its president, because when I saw what this institution had accomplished, I was impressed, and the Foundation accomplished even in the most difficult circumstances, and I admired all this, the benefactors, the will, and the people that preceded us and gave meaning to our existence.

And the shepherd added: “When we look at our reality and how the Lebanese entity was distorted, and it had a distinct birth from all the countries of the Levant, and sovereignty was in 1943 with the National Pact and with the struggling patriarch Sfeir who gave us his intercessions, Lebanon was neutral and unbiased to any party in the region and indeed to every friend Countries and the center of kings and presidents. “

The Maronite Patriarch considered that “Lebanon, isolated from the countries of the whole world, is not Lebanon, and when we called for neutrality, we demanded a return to the Lebanese entity and the Lebanese identity, so the Lebanese neutrality is the Lebanese entity.” And growth and prominence then, but today we all live in poverty and deprivation. “

He continued: “We all have become without dignity and we have become beggars, and this is not Lebanon, not an image, neither a Muslim nor a Christian. Neutrality serves all and liberates us all, and we will not retreat because neutrality is good for everyone and we are not before a political project, but rather before a return to our Lebanese roots and identity.”

Meanwhile, Geagea said in a speech: “We are here today at the Al-Jubbah event in the presence and care of the patriarch, and in this valley there are 17 patriarchs who represent blessed ammunition for us and for future generations.”

She added: “We will stay here with our fathers in this land, on top of them the patriarch Patriarch, who raised his voice and demanded neutrality because there is no salvation except to restore Lebanon to its historical neutrality without which Lebanon would not have been.”

And she said: Today we are in the Qadisha Valley, which bears witness to our steadfastness, Lebanon was and will remain the lighthouse of the East. It is our duty to turn this valley into a religious tourist attraction for all Lebanese, not just for our people, and we are launching tourism so that our people stay rooted in their land and it is a landmark comparable to world tourism landmarks. “

And Geagea added: “We will not leave our land and remain in Lebanon until we achieve our dreams and with you, His Beatitude, we will complete our struggle until we build a free state.”

And she affirmed that “the 4 archaeological sites express symbolically our Christian and Lebanese history, and the cost of restoring them amounted to about half a million dollars.” She said: “I thank the owners of the white hands who believe in the history of this valley.”

Maximum: “I say For my family in these dear towns, congratulations, and we assure our family that we continue in our dream project, hand in hand and on top of them the patriarch, to turn the holy valley into a kiss for all tourists in Lebanon and the world. “

Response: “UhFor me in the town of Hadchit and Qannoubin, the land is your land and hand in hand.


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