Watch … “Piano” from “Cubes” exports music as a professional player


It consists of 3662 pieces and its price is $ 350

One of the world’s leading installers has revealed its latest collection, which includes the largest number of “cubes” in a single piano-shaped musical instrument with 25 keys exporting music using a smartphone app.

The piano consists of 3662 pieces, and along with the keyboard it features a stylish black cover, as well as the internal hammers that work, which made the price of $ 350 to be the most expensive piece in the company’s history at all.

The piano is equipped with a motor, a smart axis, and a sensor used to connect to a special application, which creates sound through the smartphone, where the piano can be played either in the self-playing mode or in the auto-play mode where the piano moves random keys, while the application produces music as a pianist.

The piano also comes with a seat whose height can be controlled, the piano width is more than 30.5 cm, the depth is 35.5 cm, and the height is 22.5 cm with the piano cover closed, and the model weighs about 2 kg.

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