Watch … Mohamed Ramadan dances to the beat of his new song “Tik Tok”


Artist Mohamed Ramadan released a new video showing him dancing on the tunes of his new song “Tik Tok”.

The clip of the song, “Tik Tok” by the artist Mohamed Ramadan and the world super star Saco, achieved 9 million views through the popular video site YouTube, just two weeks after its launch.

And the song’s lyrics say: “I do not need you to come up with me … let me make it clear to you … there is work, there is cash, songs, in films … there is no time for your preference … time is tempting for me … Tik Tok, Tik Tok.”

I want to love, I am not empty … upset with me and this is his normal affection … so I took it to my guide … oh, you are my wife … we met, separated, worked, and disturbed … a female worker, a worker of crisis, you are divorced, if this happens again. “
I am busy .. my schedule is locked .. I want to see me, meet me, hear me .. Come my party along.

Nasser Hatem – Cairo

Source: RT


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