Watch … a brutal space rock approaching Earth within days


Satellite observatories announced today, Sunday, that an asteroid 170 meters in diameter will approach the planet at a speed of 84,000 km per hour next July 24.

The approaching planet is a brutal space rock with a diameter of 170 meters, and it will reach Earth within days.

According to the newspaper “sakshi”, the size of the asteroid is estimated to be roughly one and a half times the size of the London city center, and it bears the name “2020ND”.

The European Space Agency (ESA) confirmed that the asteroid will be near to Earth from Earth on July 24th.

According to the NASA, the asteroid will cross the planet next Sunday, in addition to two planets named “DY30 2016” and “2020 ME3”.

The agency added, that these asteroids will not pose any threat to the Earth, because they will cross and complete their path on the part of our planet only, according to the British newspaper “express”.

The asteroid runs at a speed of 13.5 km per second, or about 48,000 km per hour.

Watch ... a brutal space rock approaching Earth within days


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