Washington Recalls Saudi Khobar Bombings: Time for Justice


– What are the news bombings?

A 1996 bombing in a building in the Saudi city of Khobar killed 19 Americans and wounded hundreds of others. Washington says it was carried out with Iranian support.

– What is the Saudi position on the bombing?

She arrested a number of members of the Hezbollah organization, Al-Hijaz, and later received one of the most wanted individuals in connection with the case, but did not formally accuse Iran of responsibility for the bombing.

US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagos recalled the Khobar Towers bombing (1996) in Saudi Arabia, and the killing of 19 Americans in that operation by militants who accused Iran of supporting them.

Ortagos tweeted on her official Twitter page, saying: “24 years ago, Iranian-backed terrorists killed 19 Americans in Al-Khobar and wounded hundreds more. A US court has once again found that Iran is responsible for paying compensation to the victims and their families. It is time for justice for many. One of the victims of terrorism supported by Iran. ”

It is noteworthy that the “Khobar Towers” operation in 1996 targeted a housing complex for US military personnel from the Air Force, which killed 19 Americans, injured 372, and wounded dozens of multiple nationalities, in addition to a partial collapse of the apartment building. The Iranian authorities have consistently denied any connection with the incident, or with the accused persons.

After the incident, Riyadh arrested a number of members of the Hezbollah-Hijaz organization, including Abdullah Al-Jarrash, Saeed Al-Bahar, Hussain Al-Mughais and Abdul-Jalil Al-Sumayen.

In 2015, Saudi Arabia announced the arrest of Ahmed Al-Mughassal, who is on the international terrorism list, after a 19-year pursuit, accused of planning to carry out the explosion with a booby-trapped tank in June 1996.

Although Riyadh has not formally accused Tehran of being behind the bombing, and has resisted Washington’s attempts to persuade it to charge, the Americans have charged the Revolutionary Guards Corps with responsibility for recruiting the accused and planning the bombing.

In December 2016, a Saudi court issued a preliminary ruling for the execution of 15 convicts in the case known to the media as the “Iranian espionage cell”, the cell that Riyadh said at the time of its seizure was linked to the Khobar bombings.


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