Warnings of fan air and adaptations under corona … and these are the best ventilation methods


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Warnings of fans and air conditioners under Corona … and these are the best ventilation methods, today Monday 20 July 2020 07:13 AM

The World Health Organization disclosed days ago that it expected the transmission of the Corona virus through the particles suspended in the air, but drew attention to the fact that it is still reviewing scientific evidence, research and recently published studies to ensure that the virus can spread in the air.

For many people, the summer is annoying, as the heat increases, and it becomes impossible to sit at home without the use of an air conditioner, but, this summer comes under exceptional health conditions, which prompted many to question the validity of the transmission of infection, in the event that air conditioners are used Or fans, amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The official account of the Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt, on Twitter, published an educational video, through which Dr. Ehab Attia, Director General of the General Department of Infection Control, said that the best kind of ventilation is natural ventilation, while fans are the worst because they move air and mist throughout the place, and Attia talks about the air conditioning, saying, whether with the presence of a corona virus or others, the air conditioning causes the air inside The chamber, withdrawing it and re-pumping it again, indicating that this type of adaptation may transmit the disease, specifically the central adaptations, «split» adaptations, and window adaptations, and therefore, the best types of adaptations is the part of which depends on drawing air from outside and merging it with The air is inside.

Avoid transmitting the infection
Attia explained that the best way is to rely on the adaptations for a period of time, then close them and enter the natural air for a certain period of time, and the filter of adaptations can also be cleaned every 12 hours, and this may be very difficult, so it is very important to adopt natural ventilation and enter it from time to time To the home when the air conditioning is turned on.

Dangerous places with poor ventilation

For his part, Dr. Ayman El-Sayed Salem Professor and Head of the Department of Chest in Al-Aini Palace, Cairo University, said that the Corona virus does not transmit through the open air, but it may be transmitted in poorly ventilated places when contact is very close.

Salem added that there are conflicting sayings in this regard, explaining that the transmission of the virus depends on whether or not it depends on the cooling and ventilation system in the air conditioner and that a window must be opened at home to ventilate it, pointing out that if the virus was transmitted easily through air conditioning, countless numbers would have appeared, and I do not think that it does not transmit easily The presence of microbial filters in most air conditioning systems, even when air is recycled and circulated, passes through the filters.

Salem pointed out that there are several vaccines worldwide in England, America, China and Europe that have registered a major development and started in their experiments in humans, and waiting for the results to be published soon in scientific journals and we do not yet know their efficiency, but very promising in the initial experiments, pointing out that there are new treatments It has been approved for the treatment of emerging coronavirus infection, by mouth such as “Avicane” or intravenously such as “Remisevir drug,” which are medicinally effective in reducing the duration and severity of the disease, but they are of limited effectiveness, and we are awaiting extensive studies on a larger number. From patients to discover a drug to treat corona.


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