Warnings about the “Infernal Circle” in the coming months … Will Lebanon regain the experience of “oil for food”?


Under the title “Does Lebanon regain the experience of” oil for food “… with Iraq?” Wissam Abu Harfoush and Linda Azar wrote on “Al-Rai”: “… Who is screaming first? … a lethal game that Lebanon has become in its” mouth “and is witnessing more harsh chapters open in the wake of the financial-economic collapse that entered the course of an irreversible confrontation Between the United States and Iran in the region. “

The article added: “From the heart of daily diaries governed by a long list of socio-social calamities with which the street turns into a“ powder keg ”and generates“ serial suicide ”(shot or hanging), a broad community did not hesitate to know the warning through“ opinion ”about the dangers of the coming months in Lebanon, which appears to be a prisoner of the “hellish circle” of those who fought in the region, has become the country in the crosshairs due to the role of “Hezbollah” as the “umbilical cord” with the Iranian project, and from an internal performance as if it is launching a “bullet of mercy” on the remaining “lifeboats” and wraps The slow rope of death around the neck and people of the country.

In the opinion of the circles, it is no longer important to describe the reasons for Lebanon reaching this fateful slope, whether it was due to “being led” by the de facto force from “Hezbollah” to the mouth of the great conflict in the region in the service of Iran’s agenda, or as a result of the growing power in power to suggest solutions to the “crisis” Comprehensive »and its insistence on treatments that do not touch the political essence of the collapse, insofar as the basis remains that what is witnessed by the“ Land of Cedars ”expresses a“ time of transformation ”with which the Arab and international societies no longer hold the weight of the slogan“ no power and no strength ”through which Beirut was approaching The issue of “Hezbollah” on the basis that it is “a regional problem and its solution will be like that,” as evidenced by the transmission of direct confrontation with the party into Lebanon, as part of the process of confronting Tehran and its arms.

She adds that after Washington reached this level of tightening the screws on Hezbollah, which is located between the “jaws of the pincers” of sanctions and the “Caesar” law, and that is internally held by the “fire ball” in the manner of “the Gaza government”, it is difficult to imagine that the American administration will retreat or that ” He delivers “the party,” which makes the question of how it is possible to break from this deadly cordon, and can Lebanon “stand up” until the features of this “war” and its settlement prospects are clarified, whether after an explosion or by the influence of extreme pressure.

She pointed out that “here is the problem, as the outside no longer accepts the logic of some Lebanese.” Treat the problem of “Hezbollah”, which you contributed to leave, growing in its source “(with Iran). Rather, it was decided that Lebanon bears responsibility for the party’s actions, options, and financial and economic costs to the country.” Now that he is holding the full power, and that any coverage of him in this critical area of ​​pressure on him internally through another government that is reshaping his protection line, it will not pass this time ».

Based on the internal – external “chessboard”, the same circles are comparing the indicators of “turning east” that official Lebanon started based on a “signal” from Hezbollah, particularly in the direction of China and Iran, passing through Iraq and Syria, noting that any measure of this rotation is The chapter on its implications for the financial-economic “concussions” caused by the resounding fall do not bring down the main aspect represented by its political prices, within the major painting of the confrontation in the region.

While the Iraqi delegation, which included the ministers of agriculture, education, energy, and industry, was continuing its meetings in Beirut under the title “Enhancing Bilateral Cooperation and Searching the Files of Oil and Agricultural Materials” in order to think “How to reduce pressure on Lebanon”, the same circles stopped two issues related to this file that were not obscured by the hustle and bustle that accompanied “Chasing” Lebanese demonstrators, officials from their country, were meeting with the Iraqi delegation (headed by Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar) in a restaurant on Friday night in “Zaytuna Bay” where they launched slogans calling for the downfall of the government and denouncing the political class, which a source in the Iraqi Foreign Ministry said in a comment that ” The Iraqi delegation was not the target, but the Lebanese officials. ” These are the two issues:

– Recalling the experience of the “oil-for-food” program issued under Security Council Resolution 986 in 1995, which allowed Iraq, besieged by international economic sanctions at the time, as punishment to invade Kuwait in 1990, to sell specific quantities of its oil in exchange for the purchase of basic life needs, on the basis that Beirut and Baghdad “exchange” Iraqi oil for Lebanese agricultural and industrial products.

– Question marks about the way the trade exchange will pass through (whether in this or other form), because crossing it into Syria from the sanctions of “Caesar’s Law” may place Lebanon in the range of this law, while going beyond Syria will make the cost of this exchange much higher and lose the products Lebanese competitiveness.

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