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Abdel-Halim broke the imaginary barrier between him and the audience, it is similar to (the fourth wall) that was dropped by the German theater pioneer Brecht, the actor on the stage assumes that there is a barrier between him and the audience so there is no direct communication, the nightingale often used to conduct a dialogue with people, but rather it came to him to address Tablets of the medicine, and in others the words of anger escaped from him when he imagined that there was a plot hatched against him to foil the poem (reciter of the cup) .. In his last concerts Nightingale was keen to present the author, composer and band performers to the audience.

On the other side, we find Umm Kulthum sitting on a chair while playing the musical introduction, and then proceeding to stand and sing. The fans knew the names of some famous players, such as the composer Muhammad Al Qasbaji (Oud), Ahmed Al-Hefnawi (violin) and Muhammad Abdo Salih (the law), and all From Hani Muhanna (Org) and Omar Khurshid (guitar), they achieved fame by playing in the (Diamond) band, which accompanied Abdel Halim in all his concerts, and also Abbas Fouad, the player (the counterpart) who snatched the title of Abbas (greatness) due to (Solo) in ( You are my life) .. It is one of the few times that this huge instrument is available to offer solo playing, and one of the spectators shouted (Greatness over greatness over greatness), so Abbas (greatness) became .. The rest of the players did not know people, the more the singer increased, The presence of the instrumentalists, what is wrong with you, Umm Kulthum !, except that Syed Salem, the flute player in the (Six) band, managed twice to steal the lights .. (Social Media) also has its positive dimension, it brought back two facts to us … And so we saw in the first Mr. Salem when he found that a memory Umm Kulthum betrayed her when she hesitated one of the clips (You are my age), the first time I thought she would fix it in the second, but in the replay she did not remember the words, Ali Immediately, Mr. Salem played the role of teleprompter, and he set the flute aside so as not to make a mistake in the third .. Yes, his voice rose above the required, and he had no other solution to save the (six).

The second time, in one of the clips (Away from You), the musician eloquent Hamdi (Solo) put the flute, and usually Umm Kulthum dozens of rehearsals before the ceremony, in which she allows ijtihad and the presence of the composer, and then everyone must adhere to the ceremony with what was finally agreed upon .. Mr. Salem, as he performed this passage, which was called by the ecstasy of creativity, he deviated from the text. This time we listened to the voice of Umm Kulthum and she said (Eh). The audience for Mr. Salem more and more, and Umm Kulthum spread more and more and more.

It is a calculated departure from the text .. I remember a saying of the late great writer Ali Salem: (Sometimes a departure from the text is entered into it).

We need, in many details of our lives and at all levels, to deviate from pre-made molds prepared in advance, waiting for Mr. Salem !!.

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