Vivo announces the launch of the premium Y50 and Y30, at an affordable price


Tuesday, July 21, 2020 14:59

Books – Jihad Abdel Moneim:

Vivo announced Tuesday the launch of two new phones, Y30 and Y50, in the Egyptian market.

The two phones have a distinguished mix of innovative technology and great design, as they are launched in the Egyptian market at affordable economic prices.

David Key, CEO of vivo Egypt, said: “We always strive to provide the best mobile devices to the Egyptian consumer that feature advanced technology that meets the needs of all consumers, especially new generations who are always looking to try the latest technology applications.

That make their lives more enjoyable and exciting. ”

He added: “The two new phones that were launched today are proof of our continuous efforts in understanding the needs of consumers, and providing them with devices that meet these needs, by providing an ideal balanced mix of innovation and design is the best in the category of economic phones.”


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