Video Sawsan Badr reveals the short film promo “Fleeing from the Dead.”


06:10 PM

Sunday 26 July 2020

I wrote- Bahira Foda:

The artist Sawsan Badr Promo published the short movie “Fleeing from the Museum”, through her personal account on the site of photos and videos “Instagram”.

Commenting on the video, she said: “The short movie” fleeing from the museum, “is one of the things I love most.”

Actress Sawsan Badr recently joined the stars of the movie “Jarat Al Qamar” by Karim Fahmy, starring Karim Fahmy and Yasmine, director of Hadi Al Badouri and authored by Mahmoud Zahran, and co-starring in the work of Fayoum Fouad, Ahmed Malik and Sawsan Badr.

Sawsan Badr’s latest work was her participation in the series “We Love Tani Les”, which was screened last Ramadan, starring Yasmine Abdel Aziz, and Sherif Mounir directed by Mostafa Fekry.


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