Video .. Rajaa Al-Jeddawi in her last statement and this is her will!


The Egyptian artist died Please Al-Jeddawi At dawn on Sunday, the fifth of July after a conflict with Corona Virus, At the age of 82.

And in her last statement she sent Please Al-Jeddawi A message saying, “Love yourself and your children, and love your country, fear for yourself, because you are connected to me when I am in it,” noting that Egypt You will not be able to continue in this position economically due to the cost of care for the injured in the isolation hospitals.

و .ضافت Please Al-Jeddawi “Noting that it is possible that there is an injured person next to us, but he does not show symptoms of the disease, so home commitment is very important.”

Dr. Ashraf Zaki, captain of the acting professions, had banned the artist Please Al-Jeddawi He said in a telephone interview with the media, Asma Mustafa, on “This Morning” program on Extra News Channel Please Al-Jeddawi A capable and beloved artist, everyone loved and loved them, and she participated in all occasions, so the grief over her is very great, adding: “She was wedded to life and resisted the disease for as long as possible .. She lived for the sake of art.”

Zaki continued that in the last days that she was able to speak, he asked her to send a speech to the public to reassure them about her health, saying: “The last audio recording has this. If you think about it, I said it to her. Stages are not good, we used to communicate with her daughter’s princess and the hospital .. Yesterday at night I spoke to the hospital and they told me the case was not good, because when we received the news we were qualified. ”

Zaki indicated that her daughter went to the hospital to receive the body, and went to the family graves in the orchards to be buried immediately, and that may be at ten in the morning.


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