Video leaks reveal the TalkBand B6 bracelet and Huawei C5 10


Huawei is preparing to announce soon the TalkBand B6 and the C5 10 tablet, and graphic leaks from Huawei’s promotional campaign have come to clarify the specifications and design of these versions.

Huawei introduced the TalkBand B5 smart bracelet with a design that turns into a Bluetooth headset when the bracelet is removed from the wrist strap, and again the Chinese giant is preparing to launch the new version TalkBand B6, which was monitored in video leaks on Weibo recently.

The TalkBand B6 smart bracelet has appeared in a group of photos and in a video as well, as improvements have been added to the design of this version, which is less thick and more elegant design.

The leaked images reveal the support of the TalkBand B6 bracelet with the Kirin A1 processor chip, which is based on the arm manufacturing process. The smart bracelet also supports Bluetooth 5.1 technology and comes with a USB-C port for fast charging.

The smart bracelet also features a flexible screen size of 1.53 inches in a metal frame, and the photos of the packaging box reveal the bracelet support with options from the distinctive laces with a sporty design designed from rubber.

It is expected that the smart bracelet will also be offered from covers designed by plastic, and the smart bracelet will come with a good pricing level, Huawei will also provide the TalkBand B6 smart bracelet in a distinctive leather strap design for the wrist strap and a golden frame.

The graphic leaks also reviewed the design of the upcoming Huawei C5 10 tablet that simulates Matepad, where the Tablet C5 10 tablet comes with 4 GB RAM, 128 GB storage capacity, and it is expected that Huawei will support this version with the Kirin 820 or Kirin 985 processor chip, So we look forward to the official announcement of the new devices soon.



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