Video .. Iraq cancer hospital fights to prevent Corona from reaching children


News now BAGHDAD, Iraq (Reuters)

If your child has a weak immune system or a chronic health condition, it is important to plan ahead and take steps to prevent the new corona virus … says Awatef Muhammad, as she sits next to her 4-year-old daughter, Iman, who treats

From kidney cancer she says that cancer and its treatments can weaken her daughter’s immune system. This means that a child with cancer is at greater risk of contracting a virus infection, and since June, five children have been diagnosed with

Their hospitalization, including a six-month-old child, died from complications of Covid-19.

Awatif Mohamed said: “If she is infected with the emerging coronavirus, her health will deteriorate. She will have to stop chemotherapy to be treated. For this other disease.”

Established in 2010, the Basra Children’s Hospital is fighting to keep children safe from infecting a new isolation ward, routinely examining staff, cleaning wards, and reducing the number of visitors.

Iraq recorded 81,757 cases of the mosque’s Coronavirus, including 3,345 deaths as of Tuesday (14 July).

The director of Basra Children’s Hospital, a specialist in cancer treatment, said he had cut the number of patients in half since May due to the Corona virus, and was fighting to keep children safe from infection with a new isolation ward and staff testing.

“The immune system of a cancer patient is very weak. If a patient with cancer develops SK, he will be affected severely and quickly and will face many complications,” he added.

And cancer is one of the biggest causes of death in Iraq, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) report for 2019. Many people believe that it was pollution from weapons used in the war years that contributed to the high rate of cancer

In the country, the exacerbation of the problem leads to a lack of access to cancer treatment, high drug prices, and a weak health care system in general in Iraq.

Image source: REUTERS

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