Video | “From a blatant picture of wearing the veil” .. the full story of the artist


09:58 PM

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

Bahraini actress Hanan Reda has returned to stir controversy again after her recent appearance, wearing the veil and reciting some verses of the Noble Qur’an from Surat Hood, in a video of her via her Instagram account.

A number of followers were keen to comment on what I did, including: “Your voice and the words are magnificence wonderful, keep going and God bless you, guidance from God, and this indicates the good origin in education.” And God Almighty felt my body shivering, what God willed, actually your voice is beautiful, May God protect you, my love. “” God willing, may God fix you on his religion and obey him, O Lord. ”

Hanan had caused controversy in the past days, after she published a blatant image of her by mistake through her account on the “Snapchat” application, after which she would return to apologize for what happened.

Reza commented, saying: “The mistake that happened from Shui, I apologize for it, and I am a respected artist. I respect my family, country, customs and traditions. Everyone knows Hanan Reda, a respectable and modest character. I do not follow vulgar methods of fame because they do not concern me at all.”

She added: “I hope the following will grow up. The picture will erase the image, because you must cover your sisters and daughters while I am your daughter who never scratched modesty, and the picture was going to be sent to my close friends who had a chalet .. Please accept my apologies and erase the image from your devices.”

It is noteworthy that, in late 2015, the Bahraini actress Hanan Reda released a video clip called “Name It”, the song met with great success in the Gulf and exceeded 25 million views on “YouTube”, and participated in the talent show “Arab Idol” 2013 flag, and it was the last Her work in late 2016, her song “Love and Dore”, then disappeared from the limelight, to return again.

Hanan Reda was born in Bahrain and lived in Kuwait. She studied at the Higher Institute of Musical Arts and holds a Bachelor of Music Arts. She participated in the Voice of Al-Sahari program and in acting in the play of a low-fat citizen, which was directed by the Bahraini director and actress Shatha Sabt. And it achieved success with the video clip of the duet “Grace of God” with the Iraqi singer and composer Abdullah Al-Hamim, and achieved on YouTube more than 20 million views.


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