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The Director of the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Head of the Control and Control Center for Corona Virus Control in Dubai, Dr. Amer Ahmed Sharif, revealed three main factors that contributed to the decrease in the infection rate of Corona, and the containment of the epidemic, represented in raising the capacity of the health sector. Constant updating of treatment protocols, and commitment of individuals and institutions to precautionary measures.

He pointed out that the disease control plan relied on five main pillars, the most prominent of which is active investigation and modernization of treatment protocols.

Sharif told «Emirates Today» that the government has made great efforts, during the past months, helped to control the disease and contain the outbreak in society significantly.

He stressed the need to continue to take precautions in order for the rate of injuries to continue to decline in the country.

On the challenges faced by the Control and Control Center in the face of the epidemic “Covid-19”, Sharif indicated that “the speed of the spread of the virus was a sudden matter, which imposed the development of various scenarios, and began to implement them as quickly as possible.”

He added: “From the beginning, the priority was to contain the outbreak of the disease, raise the health sector’s readiness, and supply it with human energies, including doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians, in addition to increasing the capacity in hospitals of medical resources and equipment, establishing health isolation centers, and inaugurating the field hospital.” That «control of the virus came through cooperation and integration between the government and private sectors».

He added that the other thing that contributed to overcoming challenges is focusing on scientific research and permanent monitoring of developments taking place in the world, in addition to benefiting from the experiences of other countries.

Regarding the pillars on which the center relied on developing a pandemic plan, “Sharona”, Sharif said that the center has adopted an integrated mechanism to combat and control the spread of the epidemic, which includes encouraging social divergence, changing behaviors, adhering to precautionary measures, conducting examinations, and continuing with active investigation to be able to discover cases. Early and providing the necessary health and medical care as soon as possible, to contain the spread of the disease, and to ensure the absorptive capacity to provide the necessary health care and to put in place the sanitary, institutional and domestic insulation in order to ensure the health and safety of society.

He continued: «One of the pillars on which the center relied also is data science and scientific research to study the local and international developments about the virus, how to spread it, then put scientific recommendations to make decisions, develop policies and study epidemics in the future, in addition to that the center has included within its mental health strategy for various groups of society, including They have the first line of defense, the injured, the staff and the general public. ”

He said: “We must always remember that from the beginning, different authorities were able to apply remote work and study remotely, so that other bodies can focus on their work in containing the spread of the virus.”

On the Center’s readiness for the next stage, Sharif said: “We are following with the relevant authorities the evolution of the (Covid-19) virus in Dubai and the UAE, and comparing the situation and the development of cases in the world, we are part of a global system that is still facing the pandemic, and it is necessary to continue to take precautionary reasons and measures. ».

Smart board

Dr. Amer Ahmed Sharif emphasized that Dubai’s possession of a distinct technical infrastructure enabled it to deal with the epidemic with high efficiency, as this structure was used to manage the crisis effectively, and we were able to identify the situation in various stages, and develop strategies and scenarios based on the data provided We have a Dashboard that was developed in cooperation with the Dubai Smart Department, and linked to the “immunity” system of the Health Authority, and contains all the data that enables us to assess the situation and take appropriate decisions, such as the numbers of examinations, injuries, hospitalization, absorptive capacity, and others.

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