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• I was not happy for Abd Al-Fattah Asiri to leave Al-Ahly as are the feelings of any Nasrawi if Hamdallah left victory, and here only I talk about my feelings as Ahliyis and I do not talk about other things.• No emotions in professionalism, this is clear and does not need details, but there are literature.

• It has never happened that Al-Ahly surpassed Al-Nasr even when he was financially and legally able to lure a Nasrawi player. Indeed, Al-Ahly (and this is reserved for Al-Ahly at the symbols of victory) gave up in an earlier era for Muhammad Saad Al-Abdali, may God have mercy on him for victory, and what I know at the time of Muhammad Saad, and in Another era, Al-Ahly concluded with (Mama Dosso) and felt that there were Christian negotiations with the player and he abdicated after he signed with Al-Ahly, so is there more respect than this ..?

• Stars offered to Al-Ahly in professionalism and before professionalism in victory, Al-Ahly refused to preserve the respect I witnessed.

• Hussein Abdul-Ghani, Talal Al-Mashal, Malik Moaz and Fahd Al-Zahrani represented victory through Al-Ahly as an affirmation that the cordial friendliness of the ropes with victory continues, so where do I start the lintel?

• I say a threshold and a lintel of the lover, defeating the regulations and defeating even numbers.

• The Nasrawis rose from the Abd al-Fattah deal, and this is normal, but why did they envelop their trance in sympathy with the masses of Al-Ahly in terms that felt with them that there were tears of crocodiles ..?!

• Then why did the media of victory deny the truth of the negotiations when I said this was a moral catastrophe if the Nasrawis did it, and today were you right after the disaster struck, or was I slandering the principles of victory ..?!

Questions: When were the negotiations? And how? Who guided it? And who is the player’s agent who gave the player his number to the club and refused to respond or respond to the club’s emails and officially presented the documented club in electronic correspondence that is received and not answered ?!

• I do not know what this Christian love for Al-Ahly, which reaches the temptation of its stars, beginning with Soma and the coffee shop, and now Abdel Fattah, and we do not know where this love will end, but I know that victory is unfortunately and I say it very frankly. Al-Ahly is not respected ..!

• Have the Ahlyis realized today the truth of this relationship, which I hope will not stand in the way of Al-Ahly’s search for his rights if he has rights?

• I refer to an important point concerned with the relationship of victory with the federation, which was defined by the federation’s media and only the runway of the federation, which is the relationship through which victory cannot be dared to negotiations by any federal player, not yesterday, tomorrow, or afterwards. Fahad Al-Mawlid after a quarter of a century from now ..!

• Notice, I did not talk about the regulations, nor about details that seem to offend you, but only about literature, including mutual respect.

• Sparkle:

Yesterday, the “night” passed by

Refractive, tired, connective

And his name was similar to your name

Long live the semi-Assamese.


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