Victory and what will be in the hope of the “seven days”


The Al-Nasr club management delivered its last offer to its Turkish counterpart Galatasaray in the hands of the Brazilian Maikon Pereira to present it to her, and her understanding with her personally, either he succeeds in persuading her to continue with the yellow team or the relationship with him ends. Maycon left yesterday to Turkey to resolve the subject of his contract, where the club management provided him with a ticket and his agent, while it gave him a week to respond to the victory bid, confirming that the official offer expires after exactly seven days. Maicon also received the offer to extend the end of the current season, and hold the next season if he succeeds in breaking his contract or persuading the Turkish club to accept the offer of victory, as it includes the financial benefits that he will obtain.
The victory management confirmed to the player and his agent a day before his departure, its total refusal to respond to the large financial amounts claimed by the Turkish club.
Mayon had announced his departure from victory, thanking all his colleagues and the club’s management, and wrote via his personal account on the social networking site “Instagram” yesterday’s message “After a wonderful year and a half I spent in the ranks of victory, I would like to thank all officials, the public and my teammates for everything Give it to me. “
“We won and made great memories together, and now the time has come to return to Galatasaray’s Turkish mistake.”


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