Venezuela condemns the entry of an American destroyer into a region adjacent to its waters


Venezuela denounced the “stealth” entry of an American destroyer to the region adjacent to its territorial waters, considering it “a provocative act”.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the destroyer “Pinkney” of the US Navy sailed “in our adjacent area 16.1 nautical miles (about 30 km) from the Venezuelan coast.”

The ministry stated that the incursion of the warship “surreptitiously” in this area located in the Caribbean Sea, which is subject to the Venezuelan judiciary, constitutes “a violation of maritime law at all levels.”

She added that this incursion is an “unwarranted provocative act” by the United States, whose President Donald Trump is trying in various ways to topple his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicholas Maduro.

The adjacent region lies on the edge of a country’s territorial waters and extends up to 24 nautical miles (about 44 km) from the coast of that country. According to the United Nations, states have privileges in their contiguous region related to customs, tax and immigration issues.

The South American military command (Southcom) responsible for military operations in the Caribbean announced on Wednesday that it had sent destroyer “Pinkney” to the Caribbean Sea on a mission to ensure “freedom of navigation” in these waters and confirm the illegality of Caracas’ attempt to exercise sovereignty in international waters. ». AFB


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