Vascular surgeon: This is how the diabetic foot is checked for infection


Professor of Vascular Surgery and Diabetic Foot Therapy at Cairo University, Dr. Walid El-Daly, confirmed that there are some initial symptoms that should be observed, which indicate a sudden rise in the blood sugar level, indicating that some symptoms are similar to colds and influenza, as well as some symptoms that It is revealed by the doctor.

“The Daly” added that the way to examine diabetic foot is done through some symptoms such as infection, bone deformities, nerve damage known as diabetic neuropathy, poor blood circulation, and research on various skin problems, including dehydration, chapping, tissue, and blisters. Ulcers and checking for toenails; To look for cracks or fungal infection, also check between the toes for signs of fungal infection.

The professor of vascular surgery referred to some neurological evaluation tests that are done to check the diabetic foot in a diabetic patient, where a test of foot sensitivity to touch and ankle reflexes is done by clicking, stressing that all these tests aim to work to discover the disease early; This prevents serious complications.

Dr. Walid Al-Dali stressed the necessity of conducting a diabetic foot examination once a year in the event of not feeling any strange symptoms, while in the event of feeling numbness, numbness, tingling or swelling in the foot and difficulty walking, it is preferable to conduct the examination at the specialist doctor periodically.


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