US stocks rise at the outset led by the technology sector


direct: US stock indices rose slightly in early trading on Wednesday, despite fluctuations in global markets and the escalation of concerns about a new wave of the Corona epidemic.

The gains in the technology sector led Wall Street today to increase the shares of Apple and Microsoft by about 1 percent.

The performance of US stocks came amid fluctuations in global markets and declining stocks Japanese And EuropeanAnd, in conjunction with the uncertainty about the economic recovery from the effects of the virus, which hit a record level of 60 thousand cases yesterday.

By 1:32 pm GMT, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 0.3 percent to 25,978.6 points.

The “Standard & Poor’s” index increased 0.4 percent to the level of 3157.8 points, and the “NASDAQ” index rose by 0.7 percent to record 10411.7 points.

During the same period, the main dollar index, which tracks the performance of the green currency, declined against 6 major currencies, by 0.3 percent, to hit 96.64.


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