US stocks fell at the start after strong gains yesterday


direct: US stock indices fell in early trading on Tuesday, after strong gains yesterday amid anticipation of Corona developments.

And aviation stocks led the losses of the American stock market, where “American Airlines” and “United Airlines” fell by more than 2 percent each.

The losses came after Wall Street made strong gains yesterday as Dow Jones won Around 460 points with hopes Recovering economy.

Investors are watching Corona virus developments in the United States, with the number of epidemic infections increasing recently.

The US government gave Novafax $ 1.6 billion to cover the costs of testing, marketing, and manufacturing a possible vaccine for Corona in the United States.

By 1:33 pm GMT, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 0.7 percent, or 182 points, to the level of 26,104.4 points.

The “Standard & Poor’s” fell 0.5 percent to 3163.4 points, and the “NASDAQ” fell 0.2 percent to 10411.5 points, after yesterday’s session closed at a record high.

During the same period, the main dollar index, which measures the currency’s performance against 6 major currencies, increased by 0.1 percent to 96.86.


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