Urgent: Global Health: Corona vaccine will not be available for a year or two | Varieties of the world Saraya News Agency


Saraya – “It is likely that it will take a year or two,” instead of a few weeks or as part of its response to Russia’s announcement that it would approve the production of an anti-coronavirus vaccine within two weeks, it said. Months before the SKV vaccine is available to everyone.

“I am very happy that there is a lot of work going on on vaccines, but I want to make sure that we don’t raise expectations without justification, and that it is necessary that the test is done correctly,” added WHO envoy David Nabarro, speaking to Becky Anderson of CNN.

“I think it will be longer than a few weeks or a few months,” the WHO official confirmed, “I think we will have a year or two before we have a vaccine available to everyone.”

And CNN reported, on Tuesday, that Russia intends to approve the production of the first anti-vaccine virus in the world in less than two weeks.

In a government meeting, Wednesday, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Gulikova confirmed what CNN quoted exclusively on Tuesday, that Russia intends to approve the vaccine developed by the Gamalia Institute in Moscow by August 10.

Russia’s Health Ministry said Moscow would produce the vaccine in large quantities by next September.

Russia has not published any scientific data on the vaccine test, while CNN cannot verify its safety or the effectiveness of the alleged vaccine,

Meanwhile, critics say the Russian vaccine has ignored agreements on human trials, amid pressure from the Kremlin to get approval for the Russian vaccine.

When asked about the governments that seemed to control the spread of the Coruna virus and are now suffering from the second and third waves, Nabarro said that the outbreak of the disease should be expected again.

Nabarro criticized the United States for its withdrawal from the World Health Organization and criticized US President Donald Trump for promoting false allegations about the Corona virus.

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