Under the auspices of Corona … “Big Demand” is a special race for bicycle producers


The Covid-19 pandemic led to a very large increase in bicycle sales worldwide, which in some places reached five thousand percent. The manufacturers found themselves unable to meet the growing demand, due to the unprecedented demand for bicycles, in addition to the suspension of work for months.

This is not evidenced by the record high turnout of road bike searches through Google Maps, which has risen by 69% since last February in the world. Google also set a historical record in internet searches for bicycle repair shops, and the number of these operations doubled in the same month.

In France, bike sales last May and June were twice what they were in either two months of 2019, according to the Sports and Cycling Association. And recorded a large number of urban residents to buy bicycles because they are avoided by crowded buses and subway cars crowded with passengers, as well as it gives them some physical movement after months of home quarantine.

On the European level, a spokesperson for the Decathlon store network confirmed that bicycle sales “increased twice or even three”, and noted that the demand for these bikes in China has increased fivefold since the quarantine measures were removed.

Historic peak in America

Online bike sales in the United States reached a historic peak in May, as the number of bikes sold online during this month was 5,000 times more than in the same month last year.

The total sales value of bicycles (via the Internet and in the stores) increased by 81% in May, compared to the same period in 2019, reaching $ 1.11 billion, according to the People for Pays Association, which includes producers and dealers.

Nicola (31 years), a bicycle fanatic from Paris, had to visit eight stores in order to be able to buy one, and he would not have succeeded if he did not exceed the budget that was allocated for this purpose to buy the most expensive quality, as the bicycles appropriate to his basic budget were running out.

“I was looking for a specific bike, but it was not available anywhere, and in the end I had to buy any bike that I found, but all of it was also running out,” he said.


Refund the first payment

“The stock runs out of everything, whether it is bicycle brands or parts,” noted Pancho Pimentel, marketing officer at Summit Records, which owns 5 stores in California, USA. He pointed out that “the global supply chain for this sector was disrupted by the pandemic, and the effects of that appear in all groups.”

As for the Secretary General of the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association, Corino Fioravanti, told Agence France Presse, “We have missed 3 months of production (due to house quarantine and closure measures), and in just two months we have run out of stock.”

“Three weeks ago, not even a month ago, it is very difficult to get a bicycle. I have about a dozen customers waiting, but I have prepared the down payment from some of them because I have no idea when I can,” bicycle independent bike salesman Federico Muska told AFP. Hand them their bikes. ”

Waiting lists have been created at Decathlon, but chain stores offer their urgent customers a purchase of used bikes.

While the company asserts that it produces 98% of the bikes it sells in Europe, the European Bicycle Industry Association estimates between 45 and 50% of the bikes collected in Europe, whose parts are imported from Asia.

In 2019, European countries imported 7.3 million bikes (mechanical and electrical), most of them from Taiwan and Cambodia, according to the federation.

The business volume of Taiwan’s “Giant” company, the first producer in the world, increased by 140 percent in Europe during last June compared to the same month of 2019, mainly due to the increase in the volume of sales of electric bicycles. The companies have a completed application list until the first half of 2021.

“The market situation is not as bad as some might imagine,” said Manuel Marcellio, general manager of the European Bicycle Industry Association. He expected the market to return to normal next September thanks to “the flexibility of European producers, most of whom will not take their summer vacation”, in an attempt to bridge the supply deficit in relation to the volume of demand.

These were the details of news sponsored by Corona .. “The Big Demand” is a special race for bicycle producers for this day. We hope that we have succeeded by giving you the full details and information.

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