Two American fighter planes approach an Iranian passenger plane in Syrian airspace


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Two American fighter planes intercepted an Iranian airliner in Syrian airspace, on Thursday, the official Iranian news agency, IRNA.

The agency quoted the commander of the Iranian “Mahan” passenger plane that he had contacted with the commanders of the two warplanes to demand the necessary safety distance, confirming that the two fighters belonged to the United States, contrary to what other Iranian reports indicate that the two planes are Israeli.

The agency stated that the Iranian authorities are in the process of taking diplomatic and legal measures aimed at announcing the official protest, against what it described as “air piracy by American military fighters and threatening the lives of civilian plane passengers.”

According to Iranian sources, the passenger plane was on its way to the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and that the pilot had to land suddenly, causing injuries to a number of the plane’s passengers.

The pioneers of social networking sites shared videos, said to be from inside the Iranian passenger plane, during the interception and approach of the two American fighters.

One of the video clips, two warplanes, is visible near the plane.


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