Twitter reveals the details of the breach of its systems last week


Twitter said that hackers who broke into its systems last week, probably saw direct messages in 36 accounts, including one of the elected official in the Netherlands.

On Wednesday, July 22, Twitter said in tweets from its support account and in an updated post on a blog that it had no indication that hackers had seen any other elected officials ’messages.

Twitter had announced that the hackers had sent tweets from 45 accounts, including those of famous personalities such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates and former US Vice President Joe Biden.

Twitter declined to answer a question from Reuters whether among the thirty-six accounts that hackers had seen on its messages were any official accounts bearing the mark affirming the authenticity of their lineage to owners of celebrities, officials and some media professionals.

In general, anyone who can post Tweets from an account will also be able to read previously deleted or sent deleted messages.

Twitter had previously said that hackers downloaded an enormous amount of data from eight accounts, none of which are official.

A spokesperson for the company said that the download tool does not allow access to messages on Twitter.

With regard to the accounts that could be compromised, the company said that the hackers were able to see the phone numbers and email addresses, but without accessing the previous passwords.


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