Turkish military source: Russian “Wagner” dead in Libya with air strikes of the Al-Wefaq government


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A Turkish military source said that the Libyan Air Force of the reconciliation government targeted a Russian defense system in the city of Sokta, which is located in Al-Jafra, in Libya, which resulted in deaths, according to the official Turkish TRT channel.

The channel quoted statements made by its military source, in which it said: “There were deaths of Russian Wagner mercenaries following the destruction of the Libyan government air force by a Russian air defense system at the Hammam project in the city of Sukta, which is part of Al-Jafra.”

In a related context, the Turkish official Anatolia Agency denied the reports that 3 Turkish generals were killed in an air raid on the “Al-Watiyah” base in Libya, noting that these news were “miserable attempts” to raise the morale of the fighters in the ranks of the forces led by retired general Khalifa Haftar.

Anatolia reviewed in a news that has a number of videos, tweets and news that were reported by Egyptian and Libyan media about the killing of Turkish generals by targeting “patriotism”, considering that these news are unfounded.

The news agency said: “The news of the killing of three Turkish generals and the arrest of others is absolutely untrue and that it is nothing more than desperate attempts to lift the spirits of members of the Khalifa Haftar militia, which suffers from military defeats and psychological collapses,” she said.

Anadolu added, “In addition, the adoption of videos and photos that have nothing to do with fabricated news, if anything indicates, it indicates their moral defeat, which is an added defeat to their military defeats,” she said.


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