Turkey is expanding towards Venezuela: We want to implement projects


A new episode of the series “Sanctions against Venezuela” that Washington pursues to subdue Caracas “coming out of its tracks”, was presented to her yesterday. This time, the sanctions targeted the President of the Venezuelan Supreme Court, Michael Moreno, whom Washington accused of “accepting bribes affecting the work of the judiciary, and using his position for personal gain.” The accusation was “forgiven” by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who announced that his country had imposed sanctions on Moreno, and set aside $ 5 million for information leading to his arrest. A State Department statement said, “The sanctions against Moreno were due to US accusations of corruption.” According to the statement, “the sanctions also include his wife.”
The Venezuelan response was not late until it was issued. Caracas vehemently rejected the accusations and sanctions against the President of the Supreme Court. In a statement issued today, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jose Ariza, condemned “the illegal and coercive measures of the administration of the American President, Donald Trump, against the people of the Bolivarian nation and the constitutional institutions.” Ariza also described Washington’s statements as “false accusations” that included an offer of rewards “similar to cowboys in the Wild West that the Supreme Court and its president are not respecting.” He added that his country condemns “the obsessed pursuit of the American ruling elite against the Venezuelan government and prominent personalities on false grounds,” noting that “this new aggression will be added to the file against the American officials that Venezuela raised before the International Criminal Court.”

Turkish support “present”
On the other hand, Venezuela is completing its war against the epidemic “Covid-19”, which is getting worse in the country due to the US sanctions that prevent it from importing respirators and other medical tools needed for treatment. According to the latest data published on the site «worldometer» (a site that monitors the numbers of people infected and deceased with the virus in all countries of the world), the number of infections in Venezuela reached 12 thousand and 334 cases, and the number of deaths reached 116, while 6 thousand and 844 people recovered from the virus.
In the context of containing the spread of the epidemic, last Saturday dawn a Turkish military cargo plane arrived at “Simon Bolivar International Airport” in the capital Caracas, carrying medical aid in order to use it to counter the spread of the virus, and was received by the Foreign and Health Ministers, and the Turkish Ambassador to the country, Shawky Metwallyoglu.
Yesterday, the Turkish “Anatolia” agency quoted Mitwalioglu as saying that “Caracas is fighting Corona more effectively thanks to the Turkish medical aid.” He explained that the aid that arrived in Venezuela “contains 25 Turkish-made artificial respirators, 40,000 virus diagnostic packages, 150,000 masks, and large quantities of other medical materials”, stressing that “Venezuela faces great difficulties in securing artificial respirators, virus diagnostic kits and drugs The preventive materials that bear great importance in the diagnosis and treatment of Corona patients, due to the unilateral sanctions against it and the economic constraints it faces.
The ambassador pointed out that “the rapid, effective and correct decisions of the Venezuelan government contributed to controlling the numbers of injuries and deaths in the country compared to the rest of the countries of the region,” noting that the commitment of the population to the rules of social separation applied in the country since last March “played an important role in that.” Mitwalioglu stressed that Turkish companies are “ready to build and manage hospitals in Venezuela, and invest in areas such as drug production and implement projects there”, and stressed in this regard that the next stage “will see continued contacts at the highest levels between the two sides in order to achieve the goals.”
The ambassador also noted that Turkey’s trade with Venezuela is being strengthened and continued within the framework of bilateral agreements and international trade rules, adding: “Our trade volume has improved significantly in the first six months of 2020 compared to last year … Venezuela has important opportunities for Turkish investors through its resources The rich natural landscape, arable land, favorable climate for tourism throughout the year, and the geographical location that dominates all of South America ».


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