Tunisia: Corona virus infection increases at Carthage International Airport



Carthage International Airport

The number of “Covid 19” injuries among Tunisian Carthage International Airport agents increased to 10, according to the commander of the Tunis Carthage International Airport, Nagy Zaitoun.

In a statement to Tunisian News Agency, Zaitoun said that the ten injured are working in the section for wheelchair services at the airport.

The official added that the injured were accommodated in a “Covid” center, in addition to placing 10 other agents working in the same department in the compulsory quarantine, after the results of their analyzes appeared negative.

Zaytoun denied the possibility of closing the Tunis-Carthage airport, stressing that wearing a protective medical mask was imposed on all airport workers.

The olive survivor indicated that more than 300 analyzes had been carried out from Monday 27 July 2020 to Wednesday.

He stressed that each procedure will be conducted about 400 analyzes for all agents every month.

Source: “Wat”


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