Trump: We controlled 90% of the global reserves of Ramsdevir against SK




American President, Donald Trump.

US President Donald Trump has announced that his administration has guaranteed the purchase of about 90% of the global reserves of the Ramsdevir antiretroviral drug.

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Trump signs four executive orders to reduce drug prices in the United States

“My administration has guaranteed control of 90% of the global supply of Ramsdevir,” Trump said, in a speech delivered Friday at a signing ceremony for orders to reduce drug prices in the United States.

Trump added that this drug has a major impact for the United States, adding that “there are ongoing studies on a daily basis to develop many promising treatments.”

The announcement comes after the Guardian newspaper reported, based on its sources, that the United States purchased almost all of the Ramdesvier reserves for 3 months in advance, noting that this measure would prevent any other country from acquiring this drug in sufficient quantities.

The newspaper pointed out that the US administration bought more than 500 thousand doses of this drug, which was developed by the company “Gilead Sciences”, or about 90% of the quantities that will be produced in July, August and September, which raised concern among the international organizations concerned.

And continues the course of treatment for a person with coronavir virus with “Ramsdevir” on average 5 days during which the patient is vaccinated with 6 ampoules of the drug, and the price of one ampoule in developed countries is $ 390, which means that the cost of treatment reaches 2340 dollars.

Source: RT + Agencies


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