Trump proposes to postpone the US presidential elections due to the Corona pandemic


Reuters Carlos Barria

U.S. President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has expressed strong opposition to the postal vote in the upcoming presidential election, suggesting the possibility of postponing the elections against the backdrop of the Corona Virus pandemic.

In a series of tweets he posted today on his Twitter account, Trump warned that voting in the mail appears to be “a catastrophic catastrophe,” adding: “Democrats are talking about a foreign influence on voting, but they know that mailing is an easy way In front of foreign countries to interfere in the electoral race, and even moreover, there is no accurate count! “.

Trump defended his handling of the Corona pandemic, which has killed more than 150,000 Americans to date, holding the media responsible for covering up the “Chinese virus” outbreak in other countries, “some of which are currently experiencing a disaster,” adding that many countries’ statistics on the spread of infection in Its territory lacks precision.

He said: “The general vote by mail (and not the absence in absentia, which is a good thing) in 2020 will lead to less accurate and more fraudulent elections in history, and will embarrass the United States enormously.”

Trump continued, questioning the possibility of “postponing the elections unless people can vote in an appropriate, safe and reliable manner.”

Source: RT


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