Trump: 99% of Corona virus infections “absolutely harmless”


Reuters Carlos Barria

U.S. President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has said 99% of Corona virus cases are “absolutely harmless”, to reduce the risk of a record increase in the number of infections that his country has seen in recent days.

Trump said in a statement, yesterday, Saturday, at the White House, that tests had been conducted on about 40 million people, and showed that 99% of the infections with the Corona virus “are absolutely harmless.”

Trump attributed the increase in coronavirus infections in his country, where the daily toll exceeded 50 thousand infected, to the increase in tests.

The number of people infected with Coronavirus in the United States, which tops the list of countries most affected by the epidemic, exceeded 2.8 million, while about 130,000 people died in the country.

Source: CNN


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