Tom Hanks challenges Corona with a new movie: Learn from Greyhound


American actor Tom Hanks feels his heart is “broken” because his new World War II movie screenings were not launched in cinemas due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but he hopes this work will serve as an example for viewers fit to battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, and how to deal with aggression Even if it was issued by a virus.

The film, titled “Greyhound,” will be shown July 10 on the Apple TV + platform, and in addition to being the screenwriter, Hanks plays in the film the role of captain of an American warship accompanying a group of allied ships crossing the cultivated North Atlantic. German submarines during World War II.

The movie accompanies the young crew of the ship on this terrible journey in which its members face two responsibilities, the first of which is to protect the ships they accompany, and the second is to protect each other.

“These young men are on board … all they can do is what is expected of them, and the hope that a mixture of providence and luck will help them cross,” Hanks told a virtual press conference.

“Nobody knows how long the Coronavirus will last, nor who will die because of it,” he added. “There is no need to go far to know the interconnections and similarities with the years of the war.”

But Hanks is well-equipped to know, as in March he was the first Hollywood star to be infected with the virus, and the infection was transmitted to him while he was making a film about Elvis Presley in Australia.

“Staring Private Rain” star and producer of “Band of Brothers” series reminded that simple measures allow today to prevent the virus, including maintaining physical spacing and putting a muzzle, while the sailors on the ship during World War II were unable to protect themselves from German torpedo missiles, and from Ice ocean.

“Whoever does not implement these simple things should feel shy,” he added.

“Don’t be cowards, come on, play your part. It’s very, very simple,” said the 63rd actor.

“I lived hell”

Hanks, who was passionate about history, was inspired by his screenplay from “The Good Shepherd” (The Good Shepherd) by C. S. Forster. Hanks took seven years to work on the scenario since he discovered a used version of this 1955 book.

The original cover of the book bears the image of a gray, dirty and tired man whose military outfit is blowing in the wind. He is the captain of the ship, Ernie Krause, who plays Hanks in Greyhound.

“When I saw this picture, I thought that this man was exhausted and he lived hell,” he said.

The director of “Greyhound” Aaron Schneider resorted to building a movie decor inspired by the warship “USS Kid”, which is the only American destroyer that dates back to World War II and is still present to this day with its original design.

To be more realistic, a number of the interior scenes of the film were filmed aboard the real “USS Kid” that survived an attack by Japanese suicide pilots in 1945 and landed today in Louisiana, where it has been converted into a museum.

However, viewers will not be able to enjoy the details of the movie scenes on the big screen, as it will not be shown in movie theaters.

The film’s producers have decided not to continue waiting for the Covid-19 pandemic to recede in the United States, especially since shows of films with large budgets are expected to start in the winter or next year. From this standpoint, the producers took the initiative to sell the film’s exclusive rights to “Apple” to display it on its demand-to-video service.

Hanks commented, “Our heart is broken because this movie will not be shown in movie theaters” due to the current reality of the pandemic.

“Just like Captain Ernie Krause, who was thinking, in the middle of the Atlantic, about how he would survive and do his job, and whether he would survive, we are all in the midst of a Covid 19-pandemic crisis, which was five times more than we were We expect it, and we do not know how we will survive it, whether we will survive, and who among us will be able to reach safety. ”


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