Today’s technology Google deprives the owners of old Android phones of an important advantage .. I know what it is


The company “Google” has taken a shocking description decision that prevents the owners of old Android phones from an important advantage in the coming period, as a report published on the GSM Technical Arena website revealed that “Google” decided to ban phones that have random access memory. RAM “with a capacity of 2 GB, to use the entire” Android 11 “operating system.

“Google” opened the beta version of “Android 11” to a large number of users, but indicated that these phones will not be among the devices that will be compatible to work with the latest operating system, according to Sputnik.

Also, Google decided to end support entirely on phones with a random access memory “RAM” with a capacity of 512 MB, and it is expected that Google will begin the new changes in the fourth quarter of 2020.

It is worth noting that Google launched the first beta version of the Android 11 operating system on June 10, and the company was forced to cancel its developer conference this year due to the Corona virus, and also canceled the announcement of the system due to the American demonstrations, so it did not have the opportunity to show new features In the latest version of the Android system as usual.

I just posted a number of videos, in addition to a blog post about the beta version of Android 11, new features such as: chat bubbles to easily manage and interact with notifications and chats, and a new play button menu to facilitate smart home control.

The source of the original news site: Day 7 – Technology


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