To the students ’families … Will the textbook be supported?


Faten Al-Hajj wrote in “Al-Akhbar”: The Educational Center for Research and Development did not disclose yesterday the offers of obligating the printing of the chains of the textbook approved in public schools and some private schools, as he did not submit to the public tender that was launched for the second time with only one exhibitor, “Shams Company for Printing and Publishing And for one of the three levels of education. Accordingly, the center is expected to summon, next week, the other companies wishing to be obligated and that meet the conditions, in order to conclude a contract by mutual consent, according to the internal system, will the center succeed in convincing the companies to do so, and what is new that it will present to them? Is there really a tendency with the government to include the papers for publishing houses in the basic basket supported by the Bank of Lebanon?

Three publishing houses (“Shams” and “Publications Company for Distribution and Publishing” by its owner Tahsin Khayat, and “Lebanon Library – Publishers” by its owner, Pierre Sayegh) had purchased the book of conditions with the intention of participating in the tender. While the last two companies refrained from participating in the tender for the second time, the participation of the first “does not exceed breaking the ice,” as he told Al-Akhbar owner Adnan Shams, because “nothing has changed in the revised conditions book, and the conditions are still unclear. The participant in the tender enters into the unknown and there is no one to protect him, and he cannot guarantee what will happen in the price of the dollar in the next four years (the length of commitment), knowing that we buy ink, paper and other things to stick books in cash at the price of the black market, and we do not receive our money from the center before December after The book goes to libraries. ”

He called for the tender to be annual and for the textbook to be supported by the Bank of Lebanon, as is medicine, food and oil.

Al-Akhbar learned that efforts will be made in the coming days with the Parliamentary Education Committee in an attempt to issue a law that supports the paper devoted to printing the textbook.

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