To the Lebanese … “strict measures”, starting from Monday


Public Health Minister Hamad Hassan saw that “the issue of corona injuries has taken a serious turn and we have to adhere to the muzzle,” and he said in an interview via the “LBCI“From Monday, we will take strict measures.”

Hassan explained that “the injuries today are distributed in most Lebanese towns, and 10 injuries were recorded in Rashidiyeh camp, in addition to 13 injuries as a result of a social occasion (condolence council).”

Waqal: We will follow up on cases that are subject to quarantine, and whoever does not have the conditions for quarantine in his home we will have to transfer him to a stone center in coordination with the municipality concerned. “

ويتع: We cannot surrender and we need more effort. Before opening the country, there was serious treatment, as the casualties did not exceed 5 per day, and the airport will remain open with the application of procedures. “

The Ministry of Public Health announced today, Friday, that 101 new cases of “Corona” virus have been registered in the country, bringing the cumulative number of confirmed cases between residents and expatriates to 2,700.

The ministry pointed out in its report that “the new cases that were registered during the past 24 hours, were divided between 80 among residents and 21 among expatriates,” noting that “the number of cases of recovery from the new virus in Lebanon reached 1485, while the cumulative number of deaths is still 40, as no new deaths were reported in the past 24 hours. “


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