To enhance food security, 4,500 heads of Holstein cows reach Abu Dhabi


Sharjah 24 – WAM:
The first shipment of Holstein cows “milk production”, which is estimated at 4,500 heads of tithe cows, is considered to be one of the best strains for milk production.

This consignment was supplied from the Republic of Uruguay through the ship “ZAIN 1” specially designed to ship live livestock between continents, in implementation of the rational leadership directives to enhance food security in the country.

The import of these cows came during a record time period that took about 40 days since the date of the decision to import until the shipment arrived to Khalifa Port, where many federal, local government and international companies joined forces in the success of the shipment’s arrival, including the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, the Office of Food Security, and ports Abu Dhabi, Khalifa Port, General Command of Abu Dhabi Police, Gladinor Company, Mira International Shipping Company under the supervision and management of Emirates Future Company and Al Ain Farms.

And those authorities played an essential role in the success of receiving the shipment, and facilitating its safe arrival to the state with the best health quality, which reflected the total of the tremendous efforts devoted to successfully accomplishing the mission.

This shipment is the first, and many shipments will follow during the coming period, marking the start of an ambitious start for the largest dairy cows breeding project in the UAE, which enhances food security locally.

His Excellency Maryam Bint Muhammad Saeed Hareb Al-Muhairi, Minister of State responsible for the file of food security, said: “The UAE has a strong and flexible food system and can cope with all current and future changes, where rational leadership attaches the highest importance during the coming period to increase local food production, by enhancing Cooperation and partnerships with various relevant local and global bodies, within the framework of achieving the goal of the National Food Security Strategy, aimed at increasing possible local production with technology.

Her Excellency added: “The arrival of the first Holstein shipments is a good step in strengthening the efforts of the state to boost local production and put it in all UAE markets, and we in turn are working to support various parties within the framework of a strategic partnership through which we aspire to enhance the food security of the UAE.”

And the “Emirates of the Future” company was able to successfully complete the import of tithe cows from the Republic of Uruguay after verifying that all health requirements were met and laboratory tests for live cattle were carried out based on the instructions of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

The company has also, in cooperation with partners, studied the health reports of the International Organization for Animal Health in all countries of the world, and to ensure that the epidemiological situation of the new Corona virus will not affect the safety and timing of the supply of live livestock.

A number of criteria were considered in order to select the tithe cows, and choose the best in terms of quality, shape, age, size and duration of pregnancy, and that one of the criteria is to carry out laboratory tests and their success in the country of origin to ensure that the shipment is free of any diseases.

The shipment was also transported through an integrated fleet of transport trucks designated for transporting livestock to the port in Uruguay, and receiving them at shipping and follow-up points in the port, and was loaded to the ship “ZAIN1” and distributed in the hangars designated for it on the ship with the observance of safety standards and the fulfillment of livestock transport requirements according to the organization Animal health.

After the ship arrived at Khalifa Port, the cows were apparently examined by the specialized veterinarian to ensure that there were no pathological symptoms and the necessary samples were taken and sent to the laboratory to be quarantined for the prescribed period according to the veterinary quarantine legislation to be released after ensuring its safety and issuing the results of testing laboratory samples That it is free from diseases.

The efforts of the Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment contributed to the readiness of the requisite requirements in addition to the systems of laboratory examination and the completion of laboratory examinations at the specified time to facilitate the process of releasing the proper consignments and conforming to the required health conditions in the framework of establishing the rules of vital security in the country through the application of health standards for the incoming transmissions in the state to preserve On animal health from all epidemics, safety and quality of food products.

The system of procedures followed by the ministry through the continuous monitoring of global markets, the enhancement of international cooperation, and the provision of multiple alternatives to the country’s food supply also contributed to increasing the number of countries from which live livestock are actually imported.

In terms of completing the veterinary examination, the Ministry has adopted a number of rapid examinations of some diseases, and has worked to secure all the necessary supplies to deal with consignments with ease and ease, and has provided rapid release services in a manner that ensures facilitation of the service if the safety of consignments is confirmed and the results of the examinations appear.

It is worth noting that the UAE, during the current conditions faced by the world, has proven its worth and the effectiveness of its exceptional strategy in taking all necessary effective measures that contribute to achieving food security in the country in various food sectors and sectors, in a way that ensures the continuity of supply even in emergency conditions indefinitely. .


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