Tim calls for learning from the “Adria” experience: We did not commit any crime



Posted on: Monday 13 July 2020 – 6:56 p.m. | Last update: Monday, July 13, 2020 – 6:56 PM

World number three Dominic Thiem called on Monday to learn from the experience of the “Adria Tour” course that was held in the Balkan countries, and that a number of players were infected with the new Corona virus, but he stressed that the participants in it did not commit any “crimes” that required criticism to this extent.

The first world seed, Serbian Novak Djokovic, organized the parade starting in June, and was scheduled to tour five cities, but stopped after the second station (Croatia) after a number of players were injured by “Covid-19”.

The virus affected four players, Djokovic, his fellow countryman Viktor Troski, Bulgarian Gregor Dimitrov and Croatian Borna Churic.

Djokovic admitted that he had made a mistake in organizing the tournament, allowing fans to attend and lacking respect for the rules of social separation. The Serbs and the course participants found themselves under widespread criticism, especially from the controversial Australian player Kairios.

The tournament was held in light of the continued suspension of professional matches due to “Covid-19” since March. The professional and professional associations are scheduled to resume competitions next August.

“We have to learn from mistakes and be careful these days with the epidemic that we face,” Tim said Monday, on the sidelines of a show in Berlin.

He stressed that “this is what we have to extract from Adria Tor,” knowing that the 26-year-old Austrian had already admitted last month that the course was held the way it was, and it was wrong.

But Tim responded to the critics, saying that “Novak and others have not committed any crimes, this point must be confirmed.”

While acknowledging the correctness of some opposing opinions, “because we all made mistakes,” he saw that the criticisms “were too much, because the intention to hold the session was pure.”

Tim also mentioned the absence of seventh-seeded German scientist Alexander Zverev from the Berlin tournament, as did Kyrius.

Zverev was among the participants in “Adria Tour”. While his examination of “Covid-19” came negative, he found himself subject of criticism after the spread of a videotape of him celebrating in a public place, despite his pledge to undergo house isolation after having been in contact with the course for people who have been infected with the virus.

Kirius was a prominent critic of Zverev, describing him as “selfish.”

While Tim saw Lazverev as “his reasons” for not attending, he winked from the Kirius channel as “some opinions, particularly from Australia, were unnecessary.”


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