Thus, Will Smith’s wife replied to the accusations of her relationship with a singer 21 years younger


After the accusations leveled against her about the allegations of the American “hip-hop” star, Auguste Anthony Elsena, that she was in a relationship with him, the American actress pledgedJada Pinkett Smith, Star wifewill SmithShe would reveal the truth and explosive allegations in the Red Table Talk series, describing the matter as “the healing that should happen,” and said on her social page on a social networking site: “So I will speak on Red Table Talk an American TV talk show on the Internet.”
Auguste, 27, had revealed that Will Smith had given him blessing, to enter into a relationship with his wife Jada, and he said in an interview with radio presenter Angela Yi: “I actually sat with Will Smith and had a conversation because of the transition from their marriage to a partnership Life gave me his approval. “
He continued: “I really love her very much and I have a lot of love for her. I have devoted myself completely to this relationship for years of my life.” Auguste claimed that the relationship lasted for years, but it is not known what period of time for that.
Will and Jada deny the allegations, saying that this erotic story is incorrect, and Jada’s spokesperson denied the allegations, describing it as “absolutely false”, and although Pinkett Smith’s representatives denied these allegations, she had previously admitted sex addiction.


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