Thus Ibrahimovic mocked Ronaldo after his goal


Ibrahimovic helped Milan win (Miguel Medina / Getty)

Saw the crest Juventus And Milan, yesterday, Tuesday, in the 30th round of the Italian League, a prominent bilateral confrontation between the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo The Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Milan managed to get out victorious (4-2) after an exciting Rimontada, at a time when the two players did not leave the stadium without raising controversy.

Juventus advanced with two goals thanks to the goals of Frenchman Adrian Rabio and Ronaldo for more than an hour, but the leaders of “Calcio” collapsed since Ibrahimovic cut the difference from a penalty kick, as this was the first goal in a triple within 5 minutes to turn the table.

The Italian newspaper “La Gazetta dello Sport” mentioned an incident between the two myths. When Ibrahimovic pushed for the penalty kick, Ronaldo shouted to his colleague Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Cesen “You know him well, talk to him”, with the aim of distracting his focus, but after scoring the goal, Ibra looked mockingly towards Ronaldo Who responded with a sarcastic smile.

The relationship was never friendly between the players, and Ibrahimovic previously stated that “the real Ronaldo is the Brazilian”, as the Swedish striker sided with Barcelona legend Lionel Messi, always in comparison with the Portuguese star Ronaldo.


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