Threats of the American administration surrounded the moves!


Elda Al-Ghussein wrote in Al-Akhbar: During the sit-in of the expenditures in front of the entrance to the American University Hospital (Cairo Street), yesterday afternoon, teachers and doctors were carrying out another sit-in, in front of the university entrance (the medical entrance) on Bliss Street. The latest sit-in was called by the American University’s Association of Professors, and was followed by a vigil called by left and student groups in front of the university’s main entrance. The sit-in and protest were carried out despite the threat exercised by the administration through direct or implicit messages. They did not attract large numbers of participants, especially from the current employees, professors and students, nor from the “revolutionary” groups that have presented themselves as a “haven” for the impoverished classes in the past months.

The administration’s threats began with a message circulating through WhatsApp groups, warning against participating in a “devastating minority sit-in that is contributing to a political war on the university.” This letter, confirmed by informed sources at the university, is “correct, and addressed from an administrator.” The employees also agreed, yesterday, to an e-mail addressed to them by the President of the University, Fadlu Khoury, who defended the administration’s actions and admitted that “some excesses” had occurred without apologizing for them. “The excesses” that Khoury intended were the military reinforcements that accompanied the exchange, which of course did not mean It has “the criteria that the administration asked the department officials to set in order to prepare the expense lists on the basis of it, and it later became clear that it was not adhered to, but the department officials were also disbursed so that the administration disavowed the criteria that I asked them to set and attach to them any potential accountability”, according to the sources, confirming “The new director of the hospital, Joseph Atiq, who runs the exchange operations, was, before his appointment last June, a director at other private university hospitals in Lebanon and expelled from them for professional reasons the administration is supposed to explain.”

This sample is applied to attempts to cordon off the Union of University Professors, which was founded in 2013, and includes about 300 teachers out of 550 full-time workers, and has previously negotiated with the administration to obtain the rights of professors. The encirclement of the union took place by attracting its associates to administrative positions, and by considering them “a destructive minority for the university and the tools of war against it,” which are the illusions of the administration that is waging wars against its employees. With all spending and rejecting the policy of random austerity ». The statement of the executive committee of the American University Professors Union was read out, and it says: “We adhere to and uphold the values ​​of justice and equality, despite what happened last Friday amounted to the degree of failure and failure in the mission and mission of our institution.” He added, “We have witnessed the cruel and painful demobilization of hundreds of our colleagues at the university, Their demobilization operations came after their announcement through pre-emptive media campaigns, and they were implemented in a manner that severely affects their dignity, with the accompanying of spreading intimidation to large numbers of the military and security forces, including the meanings they bear. ”The committee stressed two points:

1- “The military and security context in which the demobilization operations and the humiliating manner in which the most concerned with the decisions were informed without prior notice are, they constitute a dangerous precedent in the history of our university and violate the values ​​of respect and dignity that we seek to adhere to as an ancient institution, and preserve them to provide a model To be emulated for future generations in our educational and educational path, and in describing one of our colleagues what happened, employees, female employees, colleagues and colleagues were treated as disposable goods and not as human beings. ”

2- “The Federation’s Executive Committee understands the urgent need to take cost-cutting measures aimed at mitigating the resulting and potential impacts of the economic and national crisis on the university, but we stress that these measures do not start with weaker and less immune employees, but rather at the top of the institutional pyramid.”

The statement concluded with a warning against “using our actions, as professors whose main concern is the good and permanence of this institution and its employees, for any political or personal agendas, other than what is officially announced by our committee. We also declare our full solidarity with the workers and employees of the American University campus and its medical center, who spent in a humiliating manner.” And we strongly condemn the deployment of military and security personnel to this end. ”

A statement was also issued by the gathering of independent professors in universities, who participated in the sit-in, in which they reviewed the exchange crises and the non-renewal of the contracts of professors and university researchers, and the “fragility of their status and the need to activate transparency within the university and educational institutions.” Regarding the American expense, the professors declared that “the arbitrary and collective exchange violations committed against citizens and residents reached their climax with the announcement of the massacre committed by the university administration against its employees and workers.” They added, “We strongly condemn and reject the arbitrary exchange operations against the people in light of the difficult economic and living conditions.”

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