This is what Klopp said about training the German national team


The manager of the Liverpool club, German Jurgen Klopp, continued his vague responses to a question about the possibility of taking over the leadership of his country.
Klopp said in comments to Sky Sports TV: “I do not know if this matter should be on the agenda, because I have never thought that I could become a German league champion, cup, or anything else, and this has not happened in many In any case, there are thousands of trainers abroad who managed this more. “Klopp expressed his belief that he always says the same thing on this issue, because the truth is that I am still here a contractor for another 4 years, and certainly from the current perspective I do not intend to complete this contract at least. ”

And about his life after he retired as a coach, Klopp said: “It makes sense to have a different view of life, and not to stand on the sideline at the weekend in the rain, arguing with other coaches or teams.”


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