This is the reason for my absence .. and my dreams have not yet come true


The able artist Salwa Khattab is distinguished by providing roles with great distinction, and despite her few works, she cares for the idea of ​​choice rather than presence.
In her interview with Al Arabiya, Salwa spoke about her recent participation in the series “Mamlakat Iblis” with Ghada Adel and the series “Collecting Salem” with Zina, and about the reactions about the series and the competition and her important cinematic works and her recent participation in the last Aswan Festival.

First, why did you miss a period of TV drama?
Everyone knows that I do not do any work that is not convinced of a million percent, and this is the reason for my absence sometimes for years from acting .. What is important is that I share a work that has value and adds to me and my history. I promised with the series “Kingdom of Satan”, which was shown on one of the special electronic platforms with great success, which is the fourth cooperation with the author Mohamed Amin Radi, who considered every work with him an important sign. Filming the series was done daily for seven months .. It was very difficult and I had a very strange feeling in this series, as I felt in a retirement match because I embodied many of the feelings, feelings and contradictions that any actor can present.

And the series “Kingdom of Satan” starring a very large group of stars, including Rania Youssef, Ghada Adel, Ahmed Dawoud, Iman Al-Assi, Khaled Anwar, Karim Qasem, Mahmoud Al-Leithy, Sabri Fawaz and Muhammad Juma, and it is expected to be shown soon on television.

I participated in Ramadan in the series “Collecting Salem” with the artist Zina, so what attracted you to the personality of Nahed in the series?
Nahid’s personality is contradictory and rich in drama .. She is a strong businesswoman, but inside her longing for the weak..this makes her in a strange and contradictory condition and needs to be able to perform between the feeling of strength and cruelty on the one hand and a sense of sympathy and weakness on the other side .. She is a complex personality, and this What attracted me most.

Some believe that the series “Collecting Salem” was not successful enough in Ramadan. What do you think?
On the contrary, the series achieved a very good success and received very satisfactory and beautiful reactions, and I was reading the comments of the public on social media and was praising the work, and also when I was meeting people on the street, they commented on the events very accurately and this made me very happy.

Is it true that you decided to rebel against the popular roles of women in which the fans love you, and for this reason you decided to accept the role of an aristocratic businesswoman?
There is no such thing as rebellion against a role. For example, al-Shaabi can be presented with a million different personalities, but to be frank I felt that the “Nahid” character was different from what I had previously presented, whether popular or social roles, and the series whose topic was different and I did not offer before, in addition to I I found him an important issue presented in the framework of a social dharma that we miss in recent years, and this is why I decided to participate because I know that the audience is inclined to interesting artwork that carries more than a dramatic line and involves surprises in every episode.

The “Salem Salem” family was attacked and some accused you of photographing in a dangerous atmosphere for money and marketing the work. What is your comment?
We were really at risk and we started filming the series late and like all series we followed the precautions for safety. And whoever accuses artists of risking their lives for money, I say that we all have a commitment against our will and we did not seek money, but because we are linked to the livelihoods of people and contracts, and money will not benefit if someone is injured, God forbid, but we should bear the odds for ourselves and the stranger that people saw the works They were happy and they forgot the attack they had on us.

Tell us about your recent experience in the jury membership of the Aswan Women’s Film Festival?
The truth is that I do not like arbitration and I would rather be watching and following only or participating in a work of art, for this the arbitration experience was very difficult because I was responsible for giving one person the prize from among many distinguished works and deserving of awards, and the truth despite the difficulty of the experience but I benefited very much at all levels, I watched Distinctive works and ideas that go beyond the traditional domain.

Why do you participate less in cinema and do you prefer drama?
I love cinema, it is the first art, but cinematic vocabulary is sometimes difficult and good roles may not be available and of course I will not offer work that does not suit me or I accept a non-cinematic role for any reason, so I may not be present in cinema in many times while the drama singles me spaces and roles Very important and powerful.

== ==

I recently participated in the movie “The Brain of Satan” with Rania Youssef and Basem Samra, and the work did not succeed on the critical or public level. What is the reason and did you regret your participation in it?
Unfortunately, the film failed for many reasons, the most important of which was that the producer was unable to present the film as he had wished, and it was not filmed at a normal rate but was filmed in only 12 days, in addition to that it is the director’s first experience. The truth is I am not satisfied with the result, but I have not regretted that every act has its circumstances.

After your long career, have you achieved your artistic dreams and presented works that suit your capabilities?
Despite my long years of acting and presenting dozens of works, I still see that I have presented the work that I dream and have fulfilled my dream, and sometimes I feel that everything I have presented may be less than my capabilities and my ambition, and I hope to present more and more important works than I have presented and presented.


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