These are the waiting series for the 2021 season


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It is noteworthy that in Ramadan 2020, some of the scenes were shortened and deducted from them to speed up the process of completing the filming of the series and catch up with the Ramadan race, due to the Corona pandemic that the producers did not expect to continue for a long time, which made some producers take a decision to postpone the presentation of their series for the next season, most notably the series “ Prestige ”starring Tim Hassan, and the series“ Dantel ”starring Sirin Abdel-Nour and Mahmoud Nasr, which will be shown in Ramadan 2021.

The map of Ramadan drama for the coming year 2021 is very clear, especially after many artists announced their projects, and even signed contracts for these works, in addition to the works that were suspended because of Corona, to return soon to the studios in preparation for competition in the upcoming Ramadan drama season.

After postponing his series “The Emperor”, which was supposed to be presented by the artist Mohamed Ramadan, and through which he monitors the path of the late artist Ahmed Zaki, due to differences with the heirs, the Egyptian artist announced his signature of a new series entitled “Musa”, about a story written by Nasser Abdel Rahman and directed by Mohamed Safety and production of Tamer Morsi.

The “Sabah Media” company started preparing for a new series that brings together artists Amr Saad and Mustafa Shaban in Ramadan 2021, as they stand for the first time, one in front of the other. The work is taking place within a popular social framework, its story written by Hassan Dahshan, and directed by Ahmed Khaled Musa.

A second part of the series “The Choice” was announced, for which the first part of the artist Amir Karara was a great success. But it was decided that it would be presented by the artists Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Makki, the story by Baher Dowidar and directed by Peter Mimi.

The artist Nabila Obaid announced a second part of her series “Sukkar Ziyada”, which presented the first part of it with the artists Nadia Al-Jundi, Samiha Ayoub and Hala Fakher, and the directing was by Wael Ehsan. Many of the pioneers of social media have expressed their amazement at the news, especially that the first part was subjected to a major attack and did not achieve any significant success, especially in terms of viewership.

In their first television experience, the duo will meet Amir Karara and Ahmed El-Sakka in the series “Nassl El-Gharab”, a middle drama written and directed by Mohamed Samy. The writer, Waheed Hamid, is also writing the third part of the “Al-Jama’a” series, and it will address several time changes, starting with the death of President Gamal Abdel Nasser, through the rule of President Anwar Sadat and the influence of the “Muslim Brotherhood” in this era of history.

The artist, Ahmed Flux, announced his contract with the scriptwriter Mohammed Al-Shawaf to write the script for his upcoming series, “Noah’s Ark”, which is scheduled to be presented in the next Ramadan season, 2021.

The artist Haifa Wehbe will soon resume filming the series “Black Luminous” after a interruption that lasted for months, as some scenes were supposed to be filmed in Lebanon. The suspension of air traffic was a hindrance to this, as she was with the team in Egypt. It was scheduled to be shown last Ramadan, but it was postponed for next Ramadan. The series stars Haifa Wehbe, Rogina, Sabri Fawaz, Sherif Salama, Nancy Salah, Moatasem Al-Nahar, Omar Al-Saeed, and others. The story is written by Amin Jamal and directed by Karim El Adl.

After the filming of the counterattack series of the Tunisian artist Hind Sabri was stopped due to the need to photograph some scenes in Italy, it is planned to resume filming soon for the coming Ramadan. Sabri embodied in the series the character of a woman married to an officer in the security apparatus, and she has many problems because of him. Along with Sabry, artists, Ahmed Ezz, Hisham Selim, Magda Zaki and Nidal El Shafei, will participate in the action championship, which deals with a story from the files of the Egyptian intelligence. The story is written by Baher Dowidar, directed by Ahmed Alaa and produced by Synergy.

After she finished filming a large number of her scenes in the series “Intersection of Roads”, the artist Mona Zaki will resume filming the rest of his scenes soon for display on the screen in the coming month of Ramadan. This comes after the photography has stopped. The work discusses marital relationships and the family disintegration caused by marital infidelity. The series is a story written and directed by Tamer Mohsen, starring Mona Zaki, Muhammad Farraj, Muhammad Mamdouh, Amina Khalil, Muhammad Al-Taji, Mayan Al-Sayed, and Hanan Youssef.

After his success in presenting the series “Al-Fatwa” last Ramadan, the artist Yasser Jalal presents the personality of the companion Khaled bin Al-Walid through the series “Saif Allah”, taken from the book “The Genius of Khaled” by the writer Abbas Mahmoud Al-Akkad. He was supposed to embody the personality of Saif Allah, the artist Amr Youssef, but he apologized because he was busy filming another work, which prompted the producing company to assign the starring role to Yasser Jalal.

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